How Going Paperless Improves Restaurant Kitchen Management

Near-constant innovation is needed in the restaurant sector to remain competitive. Restaurant owners and managers are under increasing pressure to cut expenses, boost revenue, and streamline operations.

The communication between front-of-house and back-of-house staff is streamlined and improved by a kitchen display system. In addition to notifying the kitchen staff when orders are taking too long, it is in charge of dispatching orders to the appropriate food preparation stations. Additionally, by enabling staff to prepare the same dishes all at once rather than printed ticket by printed ticket, it increases efficiency and lets kitchen staff see how many of each dish needs to be made. The Kitchen Display System (KDS) has repeatedly shown to be a useful tool, and there are many advantages to switching to a paperless system:

It cuts out the middleman

Although sending orders directly to the kitchen is the main function of a KDS, many restaurant owners fail to recognize the significance of this straightforward action. Handwritten orders frequently go missing, are delivered to the wrong prep station, and contain errors due to illegible handwriting. The kitchen staff has the ability to prioritize tasks and plan easily thanks to advanced technology.

The KDS clearly and accurately displays each incoming order. Front of house staff can edit orders and add more instructions if necessary if changes are required after they have been sent. This makes sure that everyone is in agreement and that information is effectively communicated to the right station.

A KDS aids in streamlining prep areas

Even if the kitchen staff is well-organized, it takes time to identify which orders require more time to complete and should be given higher priority, as well as additional time to let everyone in the kitchen know. This can lead to a great deal of chaos and confusion in a busy restaurant, especially when it comes to larger, more complicated orders.

However, a KDS can quickly prioritize incoming orders and route them to the appropriate prep stations. Every order’s details are displayed clearly so that staff members are aware of what to start preparing for and whether any orders need to be changed.

A KDS monitors the completion of orders

Beyond determining whether the staff is meeting the appropriate benchmarks, having a trustworthy way to track order fulfillment times is essential. Managers can use it to find any bottlenecks. Gaining insight into these business areas enables owners and managers to identify the issues so that they can be fixed, whether the issue is a small number of orders that are taking longer than anticipated or newer employees who are slowing things down.

When an order is marked as ready for pickup, a KDS may also send a test message to the customer. improving customer experience and increasing transparency between the kitchen and the customer.

It cuts down on food and paper waste

A KDS is excellent at reducing waste in the paper industry, but this technology is also surprisingly good at reducing waste in the food industry. Front-of-house staff members frequently scribble orders and use shorthand in crowded quick-serve restaurants so they can swiftly move on to the next patron. While expediting the process, this can actually lead to mistakes when the kitchen staff receives the ticket and discovers it’s covered in unreadable scribble.

Errors are unavoidable when handwritten orders on paper tickets are misread. Food is wasted in significant quantities when this occurs frequently. One of the main challenges faced by restaurant owners is food waste, which is more easily said than done. With a great inventory system, it is possible, but that is only half the battle. Reducing errors that can result in food waste is a necessary part of reducing food waste. A KDS is remarkably effective at minimizing these errors while also speeding up the process.

Restaurant Kitchen Management

Managing a restaurant kitchen is a diverse and challenging task. It necessitates consistent dedication and advanced problem-solving abilities. While many people struggle to balance tasks while growing their businesses, the most seasoned restaurant owners recognize that the assistance provided by restaurant technology is invaluable. When the competition is leveraging advanced technology to optimize workflow, it’s impossible to stay successful using outdated methods. When management is informed, staff is organized, and operations are streamlined, success is found.

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